How we designed Starlet - fashion e-commerce brand

How we designed Starlet - fashion e-commerce brand

UX/UI Design, Web Redesign,Web Analytics, User Testing
How we designed Starlet - fashion e-commerce brand

Project overview

WinWeb's team of UX/UI designers, and project managers partnered with STARLET, a prominent fashion e-commerce brand, to design its online shopping experience. The project spanned over 4 months, to enhance user engagement and design website which is optimized for conversions. STARLET operates in the fashion industry and delivers to customers worldwide.

Project execution

Research and Analysis: WinWeb began with in-depth user research, identifying pain points and user behavior. This phase produced comprehensive user personas and guided design decisions. This was possible thanks to such data sources as Google Analytics 4, Search Console, and HotJar that were installed on the website.

Design and Prototyping: The design team created wireframes and prototypes, optimizing the user journey and aesthetics. The approach focused on mobile responsiveness, sleek design, and intuitive navigation. We didn't want to over complicate things for buyers.

User Testing and Refinement: Real users provided valuable feedback during testing, which led to further refinements and improvements.

Development handoff: Figma final file was prepared for development and handed over to the dev team. WinWeb assisted dev team during development phase with all their clarification questions, and other technical limitations that occured down the road.

Project results

The collaboration between STARLET and WinWeb produced good results. The new UI design significantly enhanced user engagement and increased conversions by 20%. STARLET's mobile traffic drop-off rate decreased by almost 11%.

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How we designed Starlet - fashion e-commerce brand

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