Platform A/B Testing & Design for Flying Travel Guide Co

Platform A/B Testing & Design for Flying Travel Guide Co

Web UX/UI Design, Web Analytics, A/B Testing
Platform A/B Testing & Design for Flying Travel Guide Co

Project overview

WinWeb designed an on-page widget for a flying travel guide company to introduce three new affiliates. The project included user flow analysis to identify drop-off points, A/B tests, and new widget designs.

Project execution

There were few key project phases:

Analysis. Project team spent about 2 weeks to gather all information about the page, and widget. We used such tools as HubSpot for reviewing session recordings, heat, and scroll maps.

Problem statement. All findings were documented in FigJam file which we shared with the client. We reproduced a user journey map based on the data we gathered.

Hypothesis. We built an educated hypothesis based on the data, and how we can test it and what are validation criteria. This is a foundation for A/B testing.

Web UX/UI Design. We re-designed the existing widget, and created 3-4 new versions. For both: desktop and mobile.

A/B testing. We tested new version on the production website via A/B testing in Google Optimize.

Final presentation. We hosted a presentation with all findings and insights for the customer, and its team.

The duration of such engagement was 2 months. There were 3 experts involved from the WinWeb side.

Project results

As a project results we achieved the following: 

  • 127 CTA clicks on the widget
  • 69.9% of view-through rate

These are results from just one A/B testing. The more tests we run, the more benefits we gain. Since each time we collect a new knowledge, and multiple previous results with a new ones.

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Platform A/B Testing & Design for Flying Travel Guide Co

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