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By combining expertise in web design and analytics, we optimize your website for conversions to make it more profitable for you.

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Our Process

Let's walk through a usual project phases

Project phases depend on whether you want to create a brand new website, or to improve the existing one. In both cases, WinWeb team will help you to make that happen.

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1. Discovery and Research

Let's call this before-pixel-pushing stage. Firstly, we have to identify project goals, constrains, and desired timeline. Understand your target audience, what makes them convert/stops them from converting more.Based on that we define the strategy for our engagement. We document all findings in one document, which we call WSD (website strategy document).

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2. User Experience Design

Based on findings from the Discovery phase, it's time to make first wireframes. This allows us to derisk the investments in design and development on later stages of the project. This stage is a bridge between discovery and design.

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3.User Interface Design

Based on approved wireframes, we are ready to splash colours. It's time when we add all visual elements to the design. This is how your website will look like in a real world.

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4. Web Development

Based on the approved final design file, it's time to actually bring your website into reality. We start with the BETA website and move to its final version - ALPHA. WinWeb team takes care of hosting, backups, proper testing, and all other development-related activities.

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5. Launch and A/B Test

Finally, we are ready to launch your website. Once the website is launched it's time we run multiple A/B tests to measure its performance and collect as much data as we can to determine what works and what requires additional iterations. It doesn't stop here. Your website is like a fine wine; it gets better with time. We're here to keep it fresh with improvements, tests, and upgrades.

About us

A group of experts in web design and analytics

Web designers, analysts, and developers who are working together to find a winning combination that will make your website win.

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What our clients say about working with us

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Anthony Hanseder
CEO, iFly.com

“It was impressive how they approached our situation.”

WinWeb's work helped the client identify the most clicked-on affiliates, allowing them to focus on the top-performing one. WinWeb was analytical, patient, communicative, and great at listening and asking questions. Moreover, their in-depth approach to user journey analysis was outstanding.

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Will Breitholtz

“They delivered on time and on budget.”

WinWeb has created a user-friendly BI dashboard with Google Analytics conversion tracking implementation. WinWeb leads a professional and punctual project management process with strong communication. The client also praises the team's ability to deliver on budget, which makes their customer happy.

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Leigh Wasson

“WinWeb implemented tracking solutions that worked long-term”

Working with WinWeb was a pleasure. They completed every task in a timely manner and implemented tracking solutions that worked long-term even when websites changed slightly.

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