Making sense of raw data

Making sense of raw data can be a difficult task. That's where WinWeb's Data Visualization service comes in. We specialize in transforming complex data into clear, and meaningful visualizations that unlock valuable insights for your business.

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About this services

Blending multiple data sources into one place

There are many data sets that you as a website owner have to manage: Facebook, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and many more. It makes it difficult to have just a one-page report with blended data that shows you all the KPIs that are important for your website to track. That's exactly what we deliver at WinWeb. One place for all data that is generated by your business online so that it is accessible and easy to understand.

Our Process

Data visualization process

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1. Prepare data sets

Identify all data sets that your business has (GA, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), and ways how we can blend them together at one place. Define dashboard table of content.

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2. Build the dashboard

Connect all data sets together, and 
craft the Looker Dashboard with 
all KPIs, and metrics to monitor. Share 
the dashboard with all stakeholders.

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3. Monitor KPIs

The purpose of creating such dashboard is to monitor KPIs, and metrics to keep the website performance under control.

Case Study

The results speak for themselves

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